A limousine (or limo) is a luxury sedan or saloon car driven by a chauffeur and with a division between the driver and the passenger compartment. Limousine is known to be one of the best car brands around the globe for it has an incredibly strong engine who could take you everywhere fast and safe. From its classic style and spacious compartment no doubt they are one of the best car brands around the globe. VIPS, Politicians, Senior Presidential, and guests from different country usually choose to ride a limousine for it has its security features. Did you know that the first limousine was designed with covered compartment physically looks like the cloak hood worn by those that resided in Limoges. Limousine found its way and launched The first actual stretch limousine was created in Arkansas around 1928. They were frequently referred to as “big band buses” because they were mainly used to transport famous big band leaders, their orchestras, as well as their instruments to different parts of the United States. Today, limousines are still used to transport the rich and famous but are also designed to carry much larger numbers of people. The addition of new technologies and different types of vehicle available to stretch has led to a rise in the “new style” limos. Perfect for shuttling large numbers of people around to parties, clubs, weddings, anniversary & even in a funeral. Limousine Cars are one of the cars that will leave its mark from generation after generation.There are different types of Limousines from town cars to SUVs to Highway Coaches. Some limousines can even fit 45 passengers, some limousine is basic such as the Lincoln Town Car.



It has leather interior, plasma TV screens, twinkle light on the ceiling one-piece window each side of the vehicle and a high-end surround system perfect for your sound trip while having good times with your friends, family or loved ones.


This type of limousine has the basic equipment yet you can still sit back and relax for it has a black leather interior, plasma TV screens, twinkle light on the ceilings and a high-end surround system.


This type of limousine can occupy 14-22 passengers. It has leather interior, tinted windows, and a fiber optic/mood light. It is highly recommended for people who want to go bar hopping on town with their friends, or attend concerts, graduations, sporting events, birthday parties, and even prom. Stretch SUV Limousine gives you the class and the high capacity of luxurious experience while riding on it.